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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Excitement of Hot Wheels Collecting

Hot Wheels engine, Started! Collection of diecast car, one of the thing i love with it forever. i do collect cars and jet planes from other brand but not Hot Wheels. i had hear and saw this name long time ago but never collect it until recently. My car my story ^_^ Each of the car i chooses had my own story on it. For example; Bone Shaker, one of my favourite. It appear when i browsing in Hot Wheels website, when it reply me an error;
That time i had no idea what model is that, but it make me interesting, as it had a skull in front of the car. I do like skull last time and it make me wonder, and i manage to get the car model name correct after some checking in the Hot Wheels list from internet. The amazing of this car is year 2006 waves, and i never expect will get it, as that time is selling year 2007 and 2008 waves. 1 day when i visit 7-eleven to see for other car, and it appear there. The feeling is amazing and passion when i hold it in my hand, not 1 unit, but 2 units i bought.

HWC Malaysia~ 1 day i ask myself is there a Hot Wheels collectors website in Malaysia ? if good to had it and can get more details on Hot Wheels stuff in this country. i start searching in internet, looking for Hot Wheels Malaysia, and super super super thing happen, it pop-up this amazing website,


Hot Wheels, my passion for collection! is fun, is excited, is enjoyment during the whole process on hunting and seeking the Hot Wheels car. To me, Hot Wheels is something cool to be collected.

i am very much enjoy to watching the car that i had collected in my free time. The outlook, color, tempo, wheel pattern, engine design and the best is, i can had the story why i get the car or i can creative about it with a story :P

Beside watching the car, sometime i do take photo of it with creative style.

Photo on the right, Hot Wheels car crusing infront of Empire State Building, NYC.(evo x, bone shaker, pass' n gasser)

photo of custom chevy'53 at country lake side!

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